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Use the power of story to unleash your impact at work and in the world.

I'm Tim, and I'm a...

Messaging Specialist, Unapologetic Advocate, Nonprofit Strategist, Marketing Expert, Action/Fantasy Movie Nerd, Best-Selling Course Creator, Documentary Filmmaker.

After over 20 years watching organizations and individuals struggling to bring their value into the world, I've distilled one truth...most people aren't very good at talking about what they do. Presentations turn eyes glassy. Websites drone on with non-actionable content. And even the simplest communication contains too much "I" and "We". Bottom line...if you can't talk about what you do in a compelling way, you won't be very effective at doing it.
Story theory provides a powerful framework for communicating about what you do that engages your audience and causes them to seek you out to make change happen. The same principles that underlie a thousand years of literature and film can work for you, too!
I provide in-person speaking and online coaching to individuals and organizations looking to unleash their impact and develop their communication toolset.
My most popular coaching topics are:

Brands that Matter: Reclaiming Control of Your Story


Stop Writing Proposals and Start Grantsmithing


Put the Shotgun Away, Ma, We're Automating!


Beyond PowerPoint: Presenting for Maximum Engagement


Judge, Healer, or Wizard: Understanding Your Brand Archetype


Turn the Titanic Around: Making Meaningful Change Happen

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My clients are some of the most passionate, dedicated people you'll find. 

Illinois Division of Mental Health

Phil's Friends

Willow Creek Care Center

Awana International

Northern Illinois Home Builders Association

Lake County Health Department


TASC, Inc.

Northern District of Illinois

Leap Technologies

Eastland Disaster Historical Society

Home-Centered Care Institute

Cook County Courts

PADS of Elgin

Bright Hope International

Willow Creek Association


Compass Church of Naperville



PEER Services


People occasionally say nice things ;)

We move fast, and Tim has helped us stay focused and develop industry-leading materials, all while keeping us on message and with an eye on our strategic goals.
Tracy Hulett
FOUNDER, BetterNow Partners
Tim is always thinking three steps ahead and two steps sideways, allowing him to connect the dots on ideas that are bigger than just what's in front of him.
Daphne Baille
Director of marketing, TASC
I've worked with Tim for over 12 years, a dozen campaigns and two nonprofits! He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of our message.
Sue Elworth
VP of DEVELOPMENT & marketing, 
willow creek association

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